The Last Protegee, 2015 by Rebel ePublishers

Early Reviews

The Last Protégée is an eloquent coming of age story as well as a post modern memoir-detective story . . . . After being “specially selected for great things,” “hitched to a star” the young girl resists self-annihilation, resists turning over her soul to the great teacher, the domineering conductor, Antonia Brico. With an eye of a visual artist and the voice of a poet, Resler creates a provocative and powerful image of the unshakeable Antonia Brico and her “last protégée”.

Barbara Henning, A Swift Passage

Anyone haunted by a life-changing decision to step away from a passion or person will be intrigued by Nancy Resler’s search for solace. (The Last Protégée)

In her captivating memoir, Resler explores her years as a child piano prodigy controlled by world-renowned musician Antonia Brico.

The author leaned into and then ultimately found the courage to resist her master teacher’s extreme manipulations. Walking away from what might have been a life as a concert pianist haunted Resler for decades. Her compelling story is a universal one of coming to terms with difficult choices.

A disturbing and beautiful read.

Kristine Mietzner, Columnist, Benicia Herald


Playing for a young girl’s soul

A beautifully crafted, sensitive work–a fable, really–about the struggle of a young girl’s soul for love, freedom and happiness. Unlike Hans Giebenrath in Hermann Hesse’s Beneath the Wheel, Nancy Deeds Resler survives her mentor Antonia Brico’s ambitions for her. However, Nancy’s choice to separate from Brico haunts her throughout her life. It is our great fortune that her catharsis delivers The Last Protégée.

Cary Rosenzweig


I can’t put your book down! I’m sitting in the cafe at the Phillips Collection, one of my favorite DC art galleries, and rather than see the Man Ray paintings on exhibit I’ve been sitting here sipping green tea and reading your wonderful book. I’m on page 72…

Sharon Wolpoff



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