Coaching and Classes

Nancy is available for exclusive online creative writing classes for artists and writers. Ms. Resler will be providing affordable instruction to help writers and artists to find inspiration and strengthen their writing abilities. Class is limited to ensure participants get the care and attention they need.

Sign Up At, or for more information or registration please contact at 530-400-3719
Technical requirements: A current email account and access to the Web using an Internet browser.

What participants say about Nancy’s one-on-one coaching & online classes:


“…Your comments are at once encouraging and incisive…the exercises continue to provide useful tools to inspire me to improve my writing.” – Joel


“…Loved the “studio” exercises, lectures, assignments and your ‘right-on’ feedback.” – Kay


“I can’t tell you how much I will miss this class. This has been an incredible experience for me; I went in with very low expectations of myself and came out writing! Amazing! Thanks, Nancy! You are a superb teacher. It comes across online so clearly, which is a testament to your energy, enthusiasm and passion for helping people find their writer within. I hope you will do it again and design more classes. I’ll be there!” – Rhyena


“…Wonderful online writing experience…your class opened the door to conversations with dad on his wartime experience, a subject he had never spoken of to the family.” – Norma


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